Welcome to this Continuing Professional Development Unit on Fostering Curiosity in Early Years Science.

What is the Purpose?

When you liberate and channel the energy and enthusiasm of young children they can be amazing explorers of their worlds. When you observe that energy and enthusiasm, you will recognise opportunities to develop as a practitioner. In this unit, you will see how teachers have supported their children as they build on the ideas they bring to the classroom. We have based the module around three themes – ‘Exploratory Play’, ‘A Conversational Approach’ and ‘Emergence.’ We will illustrate each theme through the work of one school, each serving very different communities. The approach they use is part of their normal practice. You will see how children develop their thinking, their knowledge of science and their attitudes towards science. The parents of the children in the video clips have generously given their permission for filming. We have only included these children. This means that the groups seem smaller than their normal class.

Children in a garden next to a pond

At the end of the themes you will find two sections – ‘Reflective Journeys’ describes how teachers have developed the approach in their own setting. ‘Developing Your Practice - Making a Difference’ suggests activities for you to help you on your way.

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