Want to know more

If you wish to take up drama to teach science we hope that the advice and illustrations on this website will be helpful.

There are a number of projects (further books, articles and refinement of additional techniques and materials) still in development and we are always pleased to hear from teachers who :

  • Would like to know more.
  • Would like an introductory session on how to use drama.
  • Would like departmental or whole school training on the use of drama.
  • Have tried some of the techniques, but would like further advice.
  • Would like to tell us about their success in using the approaches.
What you could do next
  • You can try out these ideas on your own in your classroom with your children. You could even develop your action research project to look at the effects of drama on your teaching and your children's learning.
  • You could work with a colleague in a collaborative way and co-plan and co-teach to develop your confidence and techniques.
  • You could use drama as a formative assessment technique.
  • You could collect evidence of children's understanding about science (and other subject areas) through drama.
  • You could get involved in our on-going project(s) to help teachers develop their drama skills and evaluate the impact through various research methods.
  • You could become part of our developing network of teachers who use drama in their science teaching.

Please get in touch if you would like further help, guidance or advice about any of the above.

Contact details

Deb McGregor : Teacher educator and educational researcher at Oxford Brookes University, School of Education.
Email : dmcgregor@brookes.ac.uk

Wendy Precious : Primary Science Advisor at Staffordshire Local Authority
Email : wendy.precious.staffordshire.gov.uk

Jill Rezzano : Head of Education at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme.
Email contact : jrezzano@newvictheatre.org.uk

Further reading

McGregor, D. & Precious, W. (2010) Applying Dramatic Science to develop Process Skills. Science and Children 48 (2) 56 - 59

McGregor, D. (2012) Dramatising Science Learning : Findings from a pilot study to re-invigorate elementary science pedagogy for five to seven year olds. International Journal of Science Education 34 (8) 1145 - 1165

McGregor, D. & Precious, W. (2012) Dramatic Science at Key Stage 1 : Modelling ideas within an Olympics theme. Primary Science. 123 : 10 - 13

We are also writing currently (we hope this will be available in 2013) :

McGregor, D and Precious, W. Dramatic Science. Active learning about science for five to seven year olds. David Fulton Publishers.